Birthday Soul Searching

I just had my birthday yesterday and birthdays always make me do a little soul searching. It seems this year’s theme is motivation: what motivates me.

Money? Friends? Family? All of the above? None of the above?

I just know it’s not money.

Money was a big motivator. I’ll admit to that. I left the comforts of living in my home country to work in Japan largely because of money. I left the warmth of the people of Kagoshima to work in cold Tokyo largely because of money.

Tokyo changed me though. Tokyo taught me you can have money and still be unhappy.

I need a big mac.


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  1. Grace says:

    Very true. Tokyo does that to you. Superficial happiness, lots of that there. Big mac is nice but you should try a Burger King Whopper (meron ba dyan?) or a Fat Burger — that would make you happier. If all else fails, go to Matsuya or any Gyudon-ya san hehehe.Belated happy birthday to you!


  2. “Superficial happiness”? I think that very well describes it. So sad. :(Now, I want Jollibee. Hehe.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Money often costs too much.


  4. Booyah! says:

    belated happy birthday!incidentally, i’ve also been thinking about the same problem and i found out too that money has always been a big motivator for me but that i too wouldn’t be all that happy even if have money (except maybe unless if i have enough money to stop working for life :P)


  5. oi Rico.. belated Happy Birthday!


  6. Jennifer says:

    I didn’t know you’re UNHAPPY! You look so happy on the outside. Boy am I clueless. Ano ba, should we bring back Friday night-outs?? Should we get you a new gf? Hehehe. Anyway all jokes aside – the question you should ask is – WHAT CAN MAKE ME HAPPY NGA BA? If you can’t think of an answer, then you’re fucked 😛


  7. Oh no! I’m starting to write more personal stuff again and revealing too much of myself. Retreat! Retreat! 😀


  8. Sun Jun says:

    Happiness is overrated hahaha ^^mas ok na yang may pera kesa wala talaga. ^^If you don’t have money, you can’t even start thinking about happiness. hehehe ^^you just think this way kasi you have more than enough money already! ^^ share naman. kailan ka ba uwi ulit. hope to see you again someday!


  9. Jan says:

    A month ago, I was also going through this (more like STILL am!) I think it's common to have the Birthday Soul Searching, or so I'd like to believe. Or maybe we're really on a “quarter-life crisis”. Just imagine feeling this on Christmas day! =PIt's true, superficial happiness best describes it. My family is from Tokyo but I never really felt that happy over here. To be honest, I only started loving Tokyo because of you & the Pinoy Mafia. Hence, it gives me more proof that Pinoys and the Philippines is really where my heart is…or SHOULD be! So…I'll tell you in person my decision! hahaha =D Nambitin ba? =PGood luck POGI! Whatever your decisions in life will be, I believe you make the right choice. =) If not, I'm sure you'll find the right one (choice..and I guess, a girl as well. hehe =P) in the end. Life after all is a continuous learning experience.And ohhh…I also want Jollibee! =)


  10. babesrose21 says:

    belated happy birthday rico! this one’s so true. i am not even earning right now. but i’m happy.


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