When Right Was Wrong

I was driving through the streets of Ginza on my way home. Following a white car, I turned right on a street that leads to Tokyo station. Then, there was a guy directing the white car, in front of me, to stop. Before I knew it, there was another guy directing my car to stop as well.

Looks like I turned right on a no-right-turn intersection. I tried to argue I was just following the car in front of me but obviously, that couldn’t save me. In my defense, I really didn’t know turning right in that intersection was illegal and I’ve done it several times before already.

Got my ticket and a 7,000 yen fine. Two points deducted from my license. Got the usual compliment from the police for how good my Japanese was. I guess my gold license, which I was supposed to get in March, will have to wait another year.

In a way, it felt good though.

I felt human.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. are you saying you felt invincible before?welcome back to humanity! 😉btw, belated happy birthday!


  2. oweynge says:

    when i accompanied the moving van to our house last year, we got caught (the driver did a wrong turn too). he got a similar fine and halved his profits on out move. hehe.


  3. rt says:

    hehe. didn’t know you got a car.


  4. Last time I moved, the moving company truck got caught for illegal parking. Hehe.


  5. Christine says:

    hahahaha…. eto lang masasabi ko…. hahahaha….


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