Dichotomy of Contentment

On one side, people need to be content to be happy. On the other, people should never be content to remain motivated.

It’s a never-ending balancing act.


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  1. babesrose21 says:

    a lot like my principle – be contented with what you are and what you have but work towards where and who you wanna be (and what else you wanna have).


  2. looks like you are soul-searching for something that will really make you happy and contented.maybe, you need to figure out the purpose of your life and fulfill that purpose. maybe that will help…


  3. ellecul says:

    for me, i think it should be : be thankful of what you have, but there is nothing wrong with wanting and striving for more as long as you find REAL happiness in doing/achieving it (well without hurting other entities too )=)


  4. I love it when the comments are longer than the actual blog entry. Hehe. 😀


  5. Sun Jun says:

    can’t you be motivated even in contentment? ^^


  6. No Sun Jun. You can’t have them all. Hehe.


  7. Sun Jun says:

    you can be! there are different forms and ways to be motivated ^^ hehehe


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