Blogger Update

After years of not playing with my blogger template, I decided to do so. I opted to use “Minima Dark” because it’s simple, it’s black and it’s easy to update the header picture, which I plan to update often.

Here are other changes:

  • Added “Recent posts” section
  • Added “Recent comments” section
  • Renamed “What I write” section to “Archive”
  • Changed “Archive” from hierarcy to dropdown
  • Added “Subscribe to” section
  • Removed “What I read” section
  • Removed mailto link in each post
  • Enabled showing backlinks on each post

New template. New life.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Today, I added “Shared Items”, which will be the replacement to my old “What I read” section. Instead of just blindlessly listing all posts in my google reader, this one will list posts, which I deliberately wanted to share.


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