Two Week Battle

February 23
While at work, my body started shaking and I started feeling very weak. I was in Otemachi at the time and didn’t know where the nearest clinic was. I decided to just take the rest of the day off, go home and rest.

February 24
I woke up early hoping I’d feel better. I didn’t so I decided to take the day off as well. I rested and drank lots of water/fruit juices, as advised by my mom. Later that day, I felt better and I decided I’m ready to go back to work the next day.

February 25
I woke up early, felt better, and went to work. All was well until midday, the shaking restarted. Again, I felt weak I couldn’t even finish half my lunch, which to those who know me well would know is very unlike me. This time, I decided to fight it through and after a few hours, I started perspiring, which I thought was a good sign. I felt better after that and I was able to stay at work for the rest of the day.

February 26 – March 5
I went to work every day as usual though every day during lunch time, I would feel weak though only for a while. Something was obviously wrong but I thought it was just the weather, which was also very chilly lately.

March 6
Around lunch time, I felt the now usual midday weakness but this time, it felt worse. The shaking was back, I felt really cold, I felt feverish, and I started feeling joint pains. I was in Roppongi this time so it was easier to visit the doctor, which I did.

They took my body temperature. They took blood samples. They took urine samples. No influenza. No flu. No viruses. No bacteria. I’m supposed to be as healthy as a bouncing baby boy, but they couldn’t explain the shaking, the fever, and the joint pains.

The symptoms look familiar though. The last time I had them, it was bacterial infection. I just wonder why they didn’t see it in my tests. As a precaution, they just gave me antibiotics, and pain-killers. They also told me it can be influenza or bacterial infection, but maybe, it was too early to detect.

My diagnosis
I think it’s a bacteria, which I acquired late February. My immune system was trying to fight the bacteria for two weeks and was successful for the most part but on March 6, it had enough, and decided it was time to get some help from the antibiotics.

The antibiotics seem to be working well and I am not feeling any midday weaknesses for two days now. I should have taken them a week earlier and this bacteria wouldn’t have deserved this long blog entry.

As a precaution, I’m stocking my supply of antibiotics, antibacterial lotion, and face masks.

Just in case.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. babesrose21 says:

    i was afraid to read something bad at the end… i’m glad ur fine.


  2. thanks. apologies if my story was anti-climactic. i guess i love happy endings. hehehe. 😀


  3. .. just take care of your self! your health is your true wealth!


  4. health is indeed our true wealth!


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