Search for Honshu Peak

For my March vacation, I originally thought of flying away from all the coldness of Tokyo to a place warm and exotic like Vietnam, Laos, and/or Cambodia.

Then I remembered it’s recession time so I decided to save some money and stay in Japan. My press release will say “I need to watch my carbon footprint” to appear smart and environmentally responsible.

I also realized I have already explored every nook and cranny of Kyushu but not yet of Honshu, where I’m now based. I also remembered how much I loved mountains, volcanoes, falls, forests, and big bodies of water. My favorite so far is Kagoshima’s Kirishima, with its beautiful craters and amazing peaks. Kaimon, also in Kagoshima, comes a distant second.

The places I’ve hiked/trekked in Honshu were nice as well though I still felt Honshu has more to offer. Takao is too close to Tokyo and the peak is very anti-climactic. Mitake has a wonderful rock garden though I think that’s it. Okutama is too close to a dam to even feel remote.

Mt. Fuji you say? I don’t know anybody who enjoyed climbing Mt. Fuji. Enough said.


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  1. babesrose21 says:

    i didnt know u love mountain climbing/trekking. i love it too. it brings me a different type of excitement and accomplishment…


  2. I don’t know about mountain climbing (that’s too difficult) but hiking/trekking, i do love it. I love being surrounded by trees. I love the smell and the feeling too. 😀


  3. justin says:

    “I don’t know anybody who enjoyed climbing Mt. Fuji. “you do now. i enjoyed mt. fuji. a lot.if you love climbing/trekking for the challenge, mt. fuji is one of the most rewarding fuji – 3776m above sea level – highest in japan. enough said.


  4. The title of my blog is “Search for Honshu Peak” and Mt. Fuji is indeed Honshu’s Peak. Hehe.I’ll think about Fuji pero sa summer na. Masyado pang malamig at this time. Hehe.


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