I am Austronesian

In school, we Filipinos were taught we were descendants of seafarers from Malaysia and Indonesia. They came to the islands in boats and later occupied lowlands forcing the aborigines to the mountains. This made sense because majority of Filipinos do share similarities with Indonesians and Malaysians.

Recent research though show a different story.

It’s the other way around. We all came from Taiwan and linguists normally call us Austronesians. By Taiwan, I’m not talking about the Chinese settlers but the Taiwanese aborigines.

Our Taiwanese descendants became very good seafarers and a lot of them were able to migrate to what is now the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the rest of South East Asia. It is also believed that they went as far west as Madagascar, as far east as the Easter Island, and as far south as New Zealand.

This explains the physical and linguistic similarities between South East Asians, Polynesians, Taiwanese aborigines, Hawaiians, and even the people of Madagascar.

We should start updating our history books!


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  1. 6:18 A.M. Manila time
    Saturday, July 03, 2009 Gregorian Calendar
    Hijrah 1430 Rajab 10


    Your one-page BLOG contains more TRUTH than GIGABYTES of computer files or multivolumes of encyclopaedias or mile-high stacks of newspapers… The AUSTRONESIANS are/were VICTIMS OF HISTORY that is why THEY SHOULD WRITE THEIR OWN HISTORY… Would you believe that most of their POVERTY & OPPRESSION derive from the WHITE MAN'S deliberate attempt to obiterate their true IDENTITY and nature?…
    I believe the Austronesians constitute a distinct SUPER-RACE (“super” not in the sense of superiority or grand but wide/big) with ITS OWN WHITE & BLACK EXTREMES!



  2. Thanks Jamaal! Go Austronesians! 🙂


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