Managing Risk

This afternoon, I was talking with my colleagues about managing risk in our system and how introducing too many changes can lead to a lot of risk. I pointed out that the less changes we make, the less risk, though unfortunately, the less rewards.

One even pointed out that too much risk-taking eventually led to the fall of a certain company, which I will not mention here. Hehe.

Four hours later after arriving home, I was thinking of what I said and realized it applies to a lot of things, especially outside of work.

Less changes. Less risk. Less rewards.



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  1. moogs says:

    In software, risk is managed not by making less changes but by designing it so that things that stay the same are separate from the things that change. Modularization. Pwede ring I-apply sa life, hehe


  2. I agree, to a certain degree.Assuming all other things being equal. You have a well-modularized system. Introducing two config changes has more risk than introducing one. Redesigning the system to make it even more modularized introduces the most risk (and possibly the most reward).Pwede ring i-apply sa life. Hehe.


  3. yeyenman says:

    Less changes. Less risk. Less fun.


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