Blogging For Money

You might notice some changes in my blog site.

You will notice ads below the banner and on top of the sidebar. I tried to make them as discreet as possible so as not to scare off all my readers… all both of you. 😀

In theory, if you would click on those links, I should be getting money from Google, sent directly to my Japanese bank account. Now, if you could just click on those links at least 100 times each day, you will be contributing to the buy-rico-a-new-macbook foundation.

Oh. I am not supposed to “encourage users to click the Google ads” as that would be against their program policies.

Forget I even raised it. :p


3 Comments Add yours

  1. konfyujon says:

    no worries, Adblock plugin in action… plus, I don’t want to encourage any more Mac lovin’ :p


  2. konfyujon! stop teaching my would be sponsors how to block my newest money-generating endeavor! hehe. :p


  3. Sun Jun says:

    good luck rics! looks like I will be reaching my 1st 100 USD next month. It’s hard to earn the first hundred but the succeeding hundreds seem to just follow (i think) hehehe ^^So if you like what you read, don’t forget to click hehehe ^^


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