Yosi Kadiri

Just as when I was close to considering smoking as another social networking tool, JR East decided that starting April 1, they will no longer allow smoking and all smoking areas will be removed from their platforms. Goodbye smokers. Good riddance.

I hope more establishments follow suit, especially that McDonald’s store near my station. I love people-watching there while having breakfast/coffee at one of their outdoor tables. Too bad those tables are for smokers and non-smokers are advised to take the tables inside the establishment. I think it should be the opposite. Non-smokers outside and smokers inside, preferably in an air-tight room.

And no, I’m not considering smoking as a social networking tool.

I’ll stick with my coffee.


One Comment Add yours

  1. junnese says:

    NO!!! Please don’t start smoking. YUCK!!!And yes, just stick with coffee. =)


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