Fear of Touching Metal

I think I’ve recently developed this fear of touching metal. It’s weird I know. I think it started a few weeks ago when I get static almost every time I touch anything metallic… the door knob… the hand rail… even my window pane. At times, it feels powerful too, it’s scary.

Now, every time I need to go out and touch that door knob, I’m scared.



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  1. babesrose21 says:

    you & something metallic, while it happened to me(+) & kay(-) on winter. someone bet. us must be metallic. every time we held hands (accidentally or on purpose), we get a mini electrical shock.


  2. hahaha! maybe this is where the expression “spark between us” started from. 😀


  3. yeyenman says:

    Me too. I’ve become freaking scared of touching any doorknob that whenever I need to, I cover my hand with my sweater sleeve 😛stupid static!


  4. Anonymous says:

    me too and its getting so stupid that it hurts, i need a cure help!!!! richiesonictaylor@hotmail.co.uk


  5. Anonymous says:

    wow theres people like me o.o im not a freak.


  6. Anonymous says:

    wow i am not the only one then


  7. Thank christ, I thought I was the only person scared to hit the elevator buttons or my door knob


  8. We are definitely many! 🙂


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