Back to Reality

I’ve done it!

I’ve gotten rid of my addiction (!) to all these social networking sites! I’ve gotten rid of Friendster a few months ago and now, I think I’ve started getting rid of Facebook and Twitter. For a while there, all I did was check (spy) on people, look at pictures, reply to statuses and post some stuff myself. Then spy on some more people.

Now, it feels weird logging on to these sites… which is good… which is my desired behavior.

Blogger is staying though as it has for the last 10 years or so. Blogger is my loyal friend. Blogger is the tool with which I will immortalize myself for all eternity. Delusions of grandeur I know.

Now that I’m back to reality. Time to spend more time with real people. See you, guys! In person.

After I finish my Red Alert 3. Hehe.


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