One of the best tips I’ve found recently on the web:

“Pick up the phone and call the person!”

With all the technology we have around us, we tend to lose track of simple things that were normal not too long ago. While it’s nice to send text messages and write wall posts to greet people a ‘Happy Birthday!” or a “Congratulations!”… wouldn’t it be nicer if we just pick up the phone and call?

Maybe it depends on how close you are to the person (or if they’re using Softbank or not. Hehe).

But I guess it’s worth a try.


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  1. justin says:

    interesting…i can’t even remember the last time i received/made an actual phone call for a greeting on any occassion (birthday/christmas/new years/etc). and i didn’t even notice that until reading this blog entry.


  2. the site i posted actually suggested spend 30 minutes every morning calling people greeting them on their birthdays, etc! that may be a little too much for me. hehehe.


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