Tilt-shifting Minamisenju

I’ve always been impressed with tilt-shift photography and here are my first attempts at cheating tilt-shift photography.

Where Hibiya Parks

Tilt-shifting Minamisenju

Took some pictures from a high place, blurred some areas, and increased the saturation. Not sure if it worked but will try some more. If you guys have tips on how to improve this, let me know.

Taken using a Nikon D40X. Enhanced using Aperture and Photoshop Elements. I think you’ll need to see the pictures in full size to really see the effect.


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  1. stephen says:

    what’s tilt shifting?
    would you kindly explain more. hehehe


  2. wikipedia is your friend.

    For me, anything taken from a high place that is made to look like a miniature is tilt-shift photography. although admittedly, that is a little too simplistic. hehe.


  3. Kelvin says:

    this looks awesome! i’ve always been impressed by tilt shifting too, but dont have the equipment to do it


  4. No need for expensive equipment. This is fake tilt-shift. Just need a camera, and a photo editing software. Hehe.


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