All Too Familiar

Watching CNN the other day when they featured a story about shirt rivalries in Thailand. It’s the red shirts versus the yellow shirts, with the red shirts supporting their former prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.

To all Filipinos watching this, it all looks very familiar. We had our own version of these shirt rivalries during the EDSA Peaceful Revolution of 1986. The colors are the same with the red shirts supporting former president Ferdinand Marcos, and the yellow shirts supporting the eventual winner, former president Corazon Aquino.

While I support the Thai people in their struggles and in their determination to take part in shaping Thailand’s future, I think they should be very careful with their next moves. If they were to learn from the Philippines, they should know that giving the “mob” what they want will set a precedent that will inspire future “mobs”.

Inspired by the success of EDSA, the Philippines made it a tradition to get rid of their president by mobbing the streets, giving rise to EDSA 2, which deposed former president Joseph Estrada. There was also EDSA 3 which is a cheap copy of the original EDSA. Fortunately for us, it failed. It looks like the people are sick of EDSA, and are willing to wait for the next elections.

In 2010, let’s just make sure we get it right.

Vote wisely.


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