Drama and Depth

I was reading through my friend’s blog and this line caught my attention.

And that the friendships I have now are so cordial but have less drama and depth.” — Charlotte

Made me stop and think for a while about the friendships I have here in Tokyo. Except for maybe one or two people, I think my friendships have been lacking drama and depth as well.

Which is not a bad thing at all. I’ve had enough “drama” to last me a lifetime but “depth”, I wouldn’t mind having a little more of those.

At huwag kang bastos! Hehe.


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  1. babesrose21 says:

    para kanino ang last line? 😛one or two deep friendship… this, because we keep moving.


  2. Unfortunately, I have friends who get too excited when they hear “deep” or any of its derivative forms. Hehe.


  3. … i guess you’re right – “it’s not a bad thing” (I made it feel like it’s a bad thing)but a little more depth would be nice!is it because as you get older, as your associations get wider, as you move on in life, you learn to lose the drama, so eventually friendships becomesshallow…?—do your friends get excited with the word ‘shallow’?


  4. that’s actually a good observation, charlotte! drama can indeed be directly proportional to depth. the more drama, the more depth in a relationship. 😀


  5. junnese says:

    Coming from someone who has been moving a lot & living in different countries & cities, I've accepted the fact that you tend to lose the “drama & depth” of friendship along the way. You meet new friends and unfortunately, lose track of old friends. And just like Charlotte said, getting older & having wider/broader associations could be a cause too.

    That's why I make sure that when I do find that sincere friendship with depth, I hold on to it. I have tons of “friends” all over the world. And fortunately, I am lucky to have (although just few) TRUE friends. These are the ones that really matter. But no…I don't want the drama either. I had enough already. haha =D

    “Deeper” friendship requires personal interaction, POGI. And no…I'm not being bastos! haha =D I meant good conversations w/ good friends. =)


  6. sunjun says:

    hahaha love the last line ^^

    i personally wouldn’t have thought of a different connotation for depth if you didn’t mention it.

    i guess it goes with age. The older you get, well in the middle stage of life that is, the less attention and drama you need. tama ba? Priorities tend to change and somehow FAMILY is more than enough already. Especially for married individuals. Unlike when we were younger, outside attention mattered more i guess.


  7. @junnese: i was actually half-expecting you to have the bastos interpretation. hehe.

    @sunjun: that’s kinda true. i don’t seek attention as much as i used to. which i think is a good thing. hehe.


  8. I prefer less drama, too.
    But sometimes (or most of the time?), depth and drama goes together, especially for ladies. 😀


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