Impulse Buying

A couple of days ago, I got the monthly email from NWA with the subject “E-Mileage Summary”. A few hours later even before I knew it, I already have a round-trip ticket to Manila. Not from NWA though. By the time I clicked the confirm button on their site, somebody else took my slot.

My plan for this one-week trip? Meet up with family. Meet up with friends. Maybe attend a wedding. I am also debating where else to go. If you have suggestions/recommendations, let me know.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. i suggest tagaytay.
    not too far from manila.
    but i guess you’ve probably
    been there…


  2. Yeah we stayed in Tagaytay the last time I was there. Tagaytay is to Manila what Hakone is to Tokyo. Very nice place!


  3. ellecul says:

    we’ve never been to many places in pinas but we were able to visit bohol last year. maganda at relaxing experience ang bohol, especially sa panglao island at chocolate hills.


  4. hmm. indeed, i’ve heard of beautiful stories about bohol. thinking. thinking.


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