Swine Flu Alert

Just as when I thought I’d be having a relaxing vacation, swine flu happened.

Now I’m stressed.

I’ll be making a stopover in Taiwan on the way to Manila. I’ll be visiting three different airports, potentially exposing myself to people who’ve travelled to infected countries, especially Mexico. I should also be preparing myself for long lines at medical checkpoints at each airport.

And that’s not all of it. Because it’s Golden Week in Japan, people here are also traveling all over the world, potentially exposing themselves to the virus and bringing them back to Japan. Considering I’m a daily commuter of the sardine-packed trains of Tokyo, I’m at risk!

On second thoughts pangan thoughts, I think I shouldn’t stress myself too much. I should just take all necessary precautions and leave the rest to mother nature. If I die, I die. That’s the way it is. At least when I do, people will see this blog entry and say I predicted the future.

Not funny I know.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. nevertheless, have a great trip!


  2. Sun Jun says:

    sayang hindi kita maabutan sa manila.
    ingat sa byahe.


  3. junnese says:

    Have a safe trip back home, POGI! Enjoy your vacation with your family. And please eat Jollibee Super Meal for me…with the tiny cube brownies. hehe =D


  4. thanks people!

    i love jollibee! not really the super meal though. i’ll stick with my tried and tested chicken joy. hehe.


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