A Different Papa

There were two reasons why I flew to the Philippines early this month. First, it was Golden Week in Japan so I just had to go somewhere. Second, I wanted to see my Papa.

Around last year at a young age of 60, my Papa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

It started with minor memory loss a few years back, but on this last visit, I think it got worse. Most of the time, he’s normal with minor problems remembering names and locations, but on occasion, he would fail to recognize us. There are also times he would have mood swings and would show signs of aggression.

Seeing him unable to recall my name for the first time was a very sad moment. Seeing him showing signs of aggression for the first time against people he normally loves was even sadder.

The Papa I saw on this last visit was a little different from the Papa I knew since childhood but some things haven’t changed, I still love my Papa, and even though he may have difficulties remembering our names, I know he still loves us.

At one point when my Mama was trying to calm him down, he said he just wanted the best for his kids and for his kids to finish university. I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy and proud to know all his kids already finished university.

If only he can remember.


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  1. ellecul says:

    rico, sorry to learn about your father. for sure he is proud of what you have achieved.


  2. Sun Jun says:

    thanks for sharing bai.
    I hope his condition improves.

    sana magkaroon na ng gamot
    for Alzheimer’s


  3. Jenny says:

    awww so sorry to hear. unfortunately we are at the age when our parents are getting older and we have to accept some realities that we never had to deal with when we were kids. be strong.


  4. hoop says:

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, Rico. Nice to see that your the making the most of it. 😀


  5. find comfort that his memory may have lost but his heart is still in the right place, for his kids …

    how’s your mama taking all this? stay strong for her.


  6. babesrose21 says:

    sorry to hear about this. it must be hardest for your mama. i’m sure he’s so proud of you. you did more than he desired.


  7. So sorry to hear about your father.
    He and your mother have done a great job raising you all.
    Stay strong…


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