Playing Tennis in Tokyo

Tokyo is not really the ideal place if you want to play tennis on a regular basis. Tennis courts are hard reserve and they can be expensive, especially the private indoor ones. After living here for more than four years, I found several ways to satisfy my craving to play tennis.

Enroll in Tennis schools

There are tennis schools that offer 1.5~2 hours/week lessons. They can be expensive though as monthly costs range from 10,000~15,000 yen. Most of the lessons are in Japanese so non-Japanese speakers will find it hard to understand the lessons. They are a good way to [1] satisfy your weekly cravings for tennis, [2] to improve your tennis as you will have a coach, and [3] to meet people who like you, want to play tennis.Up until March this year, I was enrolled at TOP Tennis School in Kameido although I had to quit that one in April as I decided to just play via tennis circles, which leads to my other suggestion…

Join Tennis circles

This is the cheaper alternative as I would usually just spend 500 yen per 2-hour session. There will be no coaches and people normally just play for fun and exercise. The circle I belong to consist of Japanese players, who I actually met from my previous tennis school (VIP Tennis School) and we usually play at Kiba Park.I know of at least one English-speaking tennis circle (i.e. Tokyo Gaijins) but they usually charge 3,000 yen per 2-hour session, which is a little too expensive for my taste, especially knowing there are cheaper alternatives. This is a good way to meet other tennis-playing foreigners though.


There are also other alternatives like reserving your own courts or playing against tennis walls (there are a few in Tokyo) but for this blog entry, I just wanted to focus on stress-free ways you can play tennis on a regular weekly basis.I will add some more alternatives in future blogs.


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