Tennis at Shiomi

On Sunday, I’ll be playing tennis at Shiomi Park in Koto-ku.

Shiomi may not be the best place to play tennis in Tokyo, but knowing how scarce tennis courts are, this one would do. It’s not very convenient to get there unless you have a car and they have only one court. On the plus side, they have free parking but you need a car to take advantage of that.

The park is more popular as a baseball field and sometimes, it feels the tennis court was just an afterthought. It  just so happens they had an extra space to the north so they decided to add a court and a wall just to fill up the empty space. Which brings me to another plus point for Shiomi: they have a tennis wall.

Tennis walls, surprisingly, are very rare in Tokyo. You would most probably need to ride a train to get to one. This one in Shiomi is ok and from experience, there are not so many people using it. If you need to quickly fix your backhand and you need a wall to practice it with, Shiomi may be the place to go.

That is, if you have a car and you know how to get there.


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