Time Makes Happy

“Time Makes Happy” is the slogan of Minamisenju’s next new apartment building. I do not know exactly what they mean by that phrase but whatever that is, it should be good. I hope people who would be living there would spend their time there a lot being happy.

If I were to buy a condominium here in Tokyo, I would definitely consider this. The neighborhood may not be as new as Minamisenju’s gentrified east but that adds to the charm. You will be living in a brand new apartment while your daily walk to and from the station involves walking through the old streets of shitamachi, including a street lined with cherry blossom trees. If you have a car, it’s both near National Road number 4 to the west and National Highway number 6 to the east.

Another thing that attracts me to this place is that it is not as expensive as similar apartments in Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, or maybe Koto-ku, but is definitely as convenient. In 2014, Joban Line, which currently only operates until Ueno station, will be extended all the way to Tokyo station making it convenient for all Otemachi/Marunouchi salarymen like me.

I think I might visit their model room soon.


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