Why didn’t you inform Christopher Lao?

Why didn’t you inform Christopher Lao, that he will be a victim of cyber bullying?

Poor Chris. Just a few minutes of televised frustration was enough for people to regard him as the stupidest person on the planet. He will be a lawyer or even a legislator someday and I’m sure he will prove them all wrong.

We support you, Chris!


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  1. Tiger says:

    whether he becomes a legislator or a lawyer, it still doesn't prove to the world he is NOT stupid.

    for one – lawyers are KNOWN to bend the truth. in this case, probably practice, to not place the blame on him… unfortunately, his practice session didn't work out OK.

    as they would say, summa-ma sa flood ang Summa Cum Laude!


  2. People Eating Tasty Animals says:

    Part of a lawyer's training is to keep all the blame away from his/her client (or in this case himself). By all accounts he seems to be doing a poor application of the theory. Nice try though. Practice makes perfect.


  3. That's actually a good point. That was actually an attempt to put the blame somewhere else, which lawyers like him would be doing a lot througout their careers.


  4. Sun Jun says:

    hahaha ^^

    and the people that are bullying him now are probably all the people he blamed along the way to building that so called reputation.



  5. MeemaX says:

    First of all, welcome back Rico. 🙂

    Some arguments/defenses lawyers use just seemed so smart until they leave the lawyers' mouth. 😛


  6. Thanks MeemaX! Long time no see!


  7. He already apologized for his actions… i hope people will see beyond his imperfections… ika nga ni melanie marquez e… Do not judge my Don't judge my brother; he's not a book,” … lol


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