Jogging in Minamisenju

I’ve recently started jogging and hopefully this time I succeed in making it part of my daily routine.

I’ve tried many times before but this time, I believe I will succeed. I’ve been jogging regularly for about a month now. I started using a treadmill for about two weeks and now, I’ve starting jogging outside at the Shioiri River Park, to the east north-east of Minamisenju.

Since it is summer and it is normally very hot outside, I prefer jogging in the evening. The river park has a 2.2-kilometer jogging path made of red asphalt. Compared to the gray/black asphalt we normally see on Japanese roads, this is especially made for jogging and is definitely bouncier, which I believe is good for the joints.

Jogging area in Minami-Senju
Jogging area in Minami-Senju

It helps that this path offers a good view of Sumida river, the buildings of Minamisenju, and Tokyo Sky Tree.

For now, I’m just going back and forth the 600m portion to the north of the park, and as I develop my endurance, I plan to complete the whole 2.2-kilometer path and beyond, maybe even attempting to join marathons.



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