Tokyo Tennis Cathedral

For any tennis fan in Tokyo, Ariake Coliseum is the cathedral – the biggest tennis stage in Tokyo and it is  located in the Ariake Tennis Forest Park, in Koto ward.

Ariake Tennis Coliseum
Ariake Tennis Coliseum

This park hosts two major events – the Japan Open Tennis Championships and the Toray Pan Pacific Open. This is definitely Tokyo’s biggest tennis venue.

Including the center court, they have 48 tennis courts – some are hard courts, some are omni courts, and some are clay courts. They also have two tennis walls for those who want to practice alone.

To play there, you need to get a card from the park (or any public park in Tokyo with a tennis court) and join the online lottery from their website. When I was reserving courts a couple of years ago, I usually find it easier to just wait for people to won their slots via lottery to cancel. With Ariake in particular, there are many courts so the chances of finding people who cancel is higher than for other venues. I am not sure though if that is still true now.

Even if you don’t have court reservations, Ariake is also a good venue to visit if you just want to watch people play tennis. Too bad the place I live now is far so I cannot just take my bicycle there to watch other tennis fans like myself.

If I do look for a new apartment, I would certainly consider Ariake and its surrounding areas.


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