Five Kilometers

I started a few weeks ago, jogging a kilometer or two on a treadmill. Then I started jogging a few kilometers outside, along the river (Sumida River). Then yesterday, as it was raining outside, I decided to go back to our building’s trusty gym and before I knew it — I finished my first 5 kilometers of continuous jogging!


My strategy was to make it part of my routine by jogging every other day. I always walk half a kilometer to warm-up, then stretch, then jog. If my body permits, I’d run the last few hundred meters. I try to keep it simple by bringing only my house keys and my alien registration card (you never know when the Japanese police is going to get you).

No towels. No bags. No water containers. No phones. No music. No distractions.

It’s true what they say about jogging. When I started, it felt like a chore and I would be out of breath after just the first kilometer. After doing it a few weeks though, I develop my endurance and it becomes a pleasure. A real pleasure. I feel one with my body and it actually feels like I can go on forever. It is such a good feeling.

I intend to continue this routine for now as it seems to be effective.

My next goal? Ten kilometers.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    bravo! clap, clap, clap! ^^
    keep on running ^^


  2. Thanks Sun Jun! It's disappointing though what while I already find it easy doing 5km on a treadmill, I still finding it hard doing 5km outdoors. Hahaha.

    More practice!


  3. Sun Jun says:

    baliktad ata! outdoors has always been easier for me kasi madami distractions ^^
    it could be because your indoor gym has aircon … tama ba?
    ako hirap sa gym kasi hindi aircon ang gym dito, and I usually run at night outdoors so cool weather ^^

    kaya mo yan! ikaw pa! 30-60 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week is enough I think ^^ plus syempre balanced diet ^^


  4. Now, it's starting to get cooler outside so let's see. When I wrote this blog, it was in August so mainit. Hehe.


  5. Sun Jun says:

    I'm going back to running outdoors at night as well. THe treadmills in my sister's condo is haunting me! Some just stop for no reason (i think it could be the voltage regulator) and others just start on their own! I'm not kidding this happened on the Halloween! I wasn't scared then but it surely made me think the following day. hehehe ^^

    Anyway, it's nice to run around Makati – Legaspi village or Ayala triangle ^^


  6. Cool! We should jog when I'm in Manila. Might fly there in February.


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