Sumida Fireworks from Minamisenju

On Saturday, Tokyo Shitamachi celebrated it’s biggest event of the year — the Sumida Fireworks 2011.

Minamisenju, through the Shioiri park riverbank, offers an amazing view of the fireworks and thus, hundreds of visitors, dressed in their summer yukatas, come to see the spectacle every year.

Busier than usual sidewalk along Lala Terrace

I went over to buy some food at Lala Terrace and was surprised by the number of people walking from the station towards the Minamisenju riverbank. A lot of young couples and most of them wearing their summer yukata.

Street vendors taking advantage of the sudden influx of people

It is no wonder the street vendors are taking advantage of the sudden influx of people.

The wind this year was cooperative and the people in Minamisenju got a good view of the fireworks, unlike last year, when the wind was blowing towards Minamisenju and the fireworks were mostly hidden behind a cloud of hanabi smoke.

Green Tokyo Sky Tree

This year is also the first year that the fireworks will have the full height Tokyo Sky Tree as it’s backdrop. Next year, we expect the tower to be fully lit and may even open its doors to visitors hoping to get a unique view of the event.

An explosion of colors. Literally.

Even after all the earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear problems Japan faced earlier this year, it is good to see that Japan is still alive and striving to live their normal lives.

These events, offer the people a respite from all the negativity, and give them reasons to celebrate Japan’s resiliency, and to simply be happy.

Ganbare Nippon!


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