The New Livre Keisei

Dropped by Lala Terrace this morning and I noticed Livre Keisei (リブレ京成) is now adding some more finishing touches in preparation for the grand re-opening tomorrow (September 7, 2011).

New Livre Keisei logo at the entrance

 The entrance are still closed but there were lots of people inside and the doors are still covered so it’s hard to see what’s happening inside.

If you take the escalator though, you can see the people working on the final touches. All the goods are already in their proper place and from this picture, I do not see so many changes in the general arrangement of the store.

Looks more like an evolution rather than a revolution.

Final touches before the final re-opening tomorrow

It’s good to know that the store will open again tomorrow. While it was closed, I had to look at other groceries (Life and Santoku), which are relatively far from my apartment.

Welcome back, Livre Keisei!


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