Minamisenju Haircut

There are several places in Minamisenju where you can get a haircut. There’s Luft Hair in Bivi, Mignon in Branz Tower, and of course QB House (1,000 yen 10 minute haircut) in Lala Terrace.

For 3,675 yen, I get mine from Ichi BDO a minute north-west of the station.

The place is owned by Takamatsu-san, who I first met when he was still working for the now closed Hair Studio Click, previously at Lala Terrace (second floor space now occupied by Docomo). He decided to start his own shop after Hair Studio Click was shut down, reportedly after Mitsui Fudousan (owners of Lala Terrace) tried to charge them more than twice their usual rent when they were renewing contracts in 2009.

Ichi BDO is located on the west side of the station, where most of the more recent developments are happening, especially after the redevelopment of the JR station’s west exit, including the completion of Branz Tower Minamisenju. It is located at the first floor of an old apartment building although the shop itself is pretty new and modern.

I’ve tried Luft Hair before because it was nearer my apartment but for 5,040 yen for almost the same service, I’d rather save my 1,365 yen. I already know Takamatsu-san and he already knows what I want to do with my hair so I guess I’m staying with Ichi BDO for a while.

I’ve also tried QB House but a 10 minute haircut feels a little too rushed for me.


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