Agassi’s Autobiography Review

I just finished reading Andre Agassi’s Autobiography, “Open”.

Andre Agassi - Open
Andre Agassi – Open

It’s a must-read for everybody who loves tennis and would like to have an idea of what happens in the tour, how players build their teams, and what goes inside their heads during matches.

The book starts with his last victory in the tour, against Marcos Baghdatis, going back to his childhood in Las Vegas, all the way to his retirement in 2006, and ends with details about the charity school he founded. He talks about his team, his relationships, his development as a player, his opponents, his issues, and everything in between.

There is this one unifying theme, which I don’t really like, in this book – its his general hate for tennis. It’s like a nagging reminder (somewhat arrogant) of how good he is that he was able to achieve greatness in a sport he hates, unlike most of his readers, who actually love tennis but never reached even a fraction of his achievements.

Nevertheless, it’s an easy read and highly recommended for tennis fans.


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