Happy Kindle Customer

On October 1st, I ordered the new Kindle.

I opted to get the basic Kindle – no touch screen, no keyboard, no color, no 3G. I wanted a book reader that does just that and does it well. I prefer pressing real buttons when moving between pages, I don’t need the physical keyboard, I prefer the E Ink Display, and wi-fi will suffice.

I was pretty excited that I even tracked the package as it travelled all the way from the US to HK to Japan. All the while, I was thinking they could have saved time and money if they just shipped it straight from China (not to mention I could have gotten it faster).

On October 7th, I got my Kindle.

I was a little frustrated when I tried setting it up as I couldn’t connect to my wi-fi! I searched the web for guidance and looks like it’s pretty common, even with previous versions of the book reader. After a few disappointing hours of scouring the web for answers, I finally found a solution that worked – I had to manually input all the wi-fi settings (IP Address, Subnet, Router, DNS).

Apple would never put me through all that hassle, but it’s all in the past now. I have my wi-fi enabled Kindle, I am synched with my Amazon account, and I’m on my third book already.

I’m a happy customer.


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  1. Sun Jun says:

    My sister also has one but I think she's substituted it with the iPad already. hehehe. Surfing the net with no colors is no fun! unless you just read the news – but I guess even for this you still need colors for the pics ^^

    But I'm happy that you're happy with your purchase. My sis doesn't seem to get enough of anything. She pre-ordered the new kindle(?) as well, arriving this December. tsk tsk tsk


  2. Yeah, I don't use the kindle to surf the net. I have my apple products for that. Hehe.


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