Meditations of a former Atheist

Life sure is funny.

Who would have thought I would eventually give up Atheism after being such a firm believer for 15 years?

I am surprised myself.

Using Catholicism and Atheism as my base, I started my little journey using articles, books, and of course, the Internet. This eventually lead me to a belief system that I’ve known and heard about but never really paid much attention.

Some people would call it “New Age” although I would try avoiding using this term as it really is more a unification of different belief systems from Buddhism to Catholicism to Atheism and everything in between. Besides, calling it “New Age” is a sure way to trigger people’s biases and misconceptions. I would rather keep it unnamed, unboxed, and open, to prevent limiting myself in my search for knowledge.

It’s a belief system that does not contradict with other more established belief systems. It shows science and religion do not necessarily have to contradict each other, and that they are just different sides of the same coin.

My journey started with the History channel television series called “Ancient Aliens”, which I watched in 2011. Ever since I was young, I’ve always been interested in “aliens” and “ancient history” though I could never really link them to my belief system then, may it be Catholicism, or Atheism. Now here is a television series, from the History channel no less, that is offering a new explanation that links them all together.

The series expounds on a theory, that the gods our ancestors worshipped, were actually technologically advanced extra-terrestrials who visited us in the distant past. They were so advanced that our ancestors thought they were all powerful and were capable of magic.

How interesting!

Here is a theory that could potentially explain all the mysteries of ancient history such as the Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, Easter Island, Macchu Picchu, among many others. Here is a theory that could potentially unite all the religions of the world without having to contradict each other, without having to contradict science. It’s a tough order indeed.

As I later discovered though, the “Ancient Aliens” theory was just a stepping stone that kick started my journey. This has led me to a better understanding of our possible extra-terrestrial roots, our ancient history, and our enlightened future. It gave me a clearer picture of normally esoteric concepts such as souls, reincarnation, lucid dreams, soul travel, telepathy, and even autism.

I know the mere mention of these topics would instantly lead a lot of people to dismiss the ideas as eccentric, with no place in the real world. I would have thought the same too, if somebody talked to me about these just a couple of years ago. However, this journey has really opened my mind and now, I would gladly listen to anybody who want to discuss these topics.

This new found openness lead me to discover alternative perspectives to the lives of famous people in religion (e.g. Noah, Moses, Jesus, Buddha), and in history (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, John Lennon). It gave me a renewed interest in ancient cultures like Egypt, India, Mesoamerica, China, and even in newer cultures like the United States of America. It gave me a fresh interpretation to popular movies, such as Stargate, The Matrix, Avatar, Inception, and in particular Star Wars.

Now a lot of things that did not make sense are starting to make sense. My journey is far from over though. There are still a lot of concepts to explore, books to read, ideas to visualize, and videos to watch.

I believe it will truly be an amazing journey.


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  1. hoop says:

    congrats rico, for me it was the opposite. i've tried to lose my faith before but always found myself finding it hard to believe that there is no supreme being (didn't even have the chance to console myself with Pascals wager *snicker*). i found too much order and structure in the universe, in the way we were built and how the natural world interacts and how every living thing, no matter how small, seems to have a purpose. i tried saying that evolution was all behind that. but considering how chaotic everything would be, your species would have to be very very very lucky to have the chance to evolve (borderline unnatural kind of luck), least survive, in that kind of environment without somebody guiding it in the background. plus we haven't even factored in the possibility of a rogue asteriod knocking your planet out before you have the chance to evolve to an acceptable intelligent state…hehehe

    But then I realized that that's just me. After meditating on the lessons of the lord of the flies, i've realized that people are just predisposed to things naturally, as they were born that way. To some it is faith, to others it is no faith.

    Good Luck 😀


  2. Thanks, hoop! Questioning what we believe in is always good practice. Makes us cherish our beliefs even more.


  3. Sun Jun says:

    wow! and hoop is here too!
    my blogging idols.

    As for me, i like the teachings of religion so i wouldn't discount it. It's just that there are those that are too in to it that i sometimes feel they've lost track of what's really important. If I didn't take 'Christian Values and Living' everyday in school I don't think I would have been the same person now. Madami din akong natutunan dun that helped mold the person I am now.


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