Unifying Science and Religion

In our search for the truth, our ultimate goal should be to arrive at a Theory of Everything (ToE) — a theory that would unite and explain everything, from science to religion.

In science, this would be similar to how Einstein developed general relativity, by unifying his previously published special relativity, and Newton’s law of universal gravitation. General relativity is a big step, though it is still not the ToE that can explain everything – far from it.  In fact, scientists today still do not know how to unify it with quantum mechanics.

We still have a long way to go.

In religion, it’s a little more difficult because a lot of the things we know now are based on intuition, on faith. To make things worse, a lot of what we should know have also been blurred by inaccurate oral tradition, and by romanticized story-telling. Also, our society has become very cynical, such that if Buddha or Jesus were to be born in our generation, and if they were actually telling us the truth, very few people would take them seriously.

Some people would unify science and religion, by discarding religion altogether. While this works for some people, in particular most atheists and freethinkers, it can be very limiting. To do this correctly, we need an open mind, and to truly have an open mind, we need to also be open to the possibility, that there are truths in religion that have yet to be explained by science. Vice versa.

Whoever will be able to extract the truths from all these sometimes conflicting sources, and unify them, would definitely deserve a Nobel price, and maybe a special place in “heaven”.

Once we discover a ToE that would unify and explain everything, we might be able to join the ranks of the “enlightened ones”.

We can all be Buddha.


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