If Nikola Tesla Had His Way

If Nikola Tesla had his way, what a wonderful world it would be. He already gave us alternating current, radio transmitters, remote control, fluorescent lamps, radar technology, laser, not to mention the rest of his hundreds of patents. He could have given us so much more, if only he had his way.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Thomas Edison saw him as a rival and went out of his way to discredit him. J.P. Morgan (the person) saw no financial benefits in free wireless energy and thus withdrew his financing for his projects.

If Nikola had his way, the Tesla coil and tower he was building at Wardenclyffe, would have been completed, and would have shown the world how it is possible to transfer data and electricity wirelessly across the world, by using the earth and the ionosphere as natural conductors. No more need for all our cables, and we can just get everything we need (facebook updates, youtube cat videos, free wi-fi, and not to mention free electricity) from the air around us.

Now, if you think that’s interesting, it gets better.

There are people who believe this was already achieved! Unfortunately for us, it was not during recent times. It was during the time of the Pyramids I don’t blame you for thinking I’m going nuts as I would think the same. However, comparisons between the Pyramids and Tesla’s towers are just too striking to ignore. Is it possible he was just trying to give us technology that was lost to us in history?

Nikola Tesla, how I wish you had your way.


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