The Urantia Book – Bible for the 20th Century?

Chanced upon the Urantia book while I was looking for a book about aliens and spirituality. It was published in 1955 by authors, who remain a mystery until now. There are groups who believe it was written by celestial beings, possibly similar to how some Christians believe the Bible was written by humans “inspired” by the Holy Spirit.

It can be likened to a history book describing the history of Urantia (the name it uses to refer to Earth), and what our place is on the whole scheme of things. It also has an amazingly detailed section about Jesus, and who he really was — the seventh and last incarnation of Archangel Michael.

I have read a few chapters about the history of the universe, and I can’t help but think of Star Wars or Star Trek. Surprisingly, this book was published years before these popular franchises became household names. It describes a multiverse filled with intelligent beings, with Urantia being just a minor planet at the edge of our local universe. It identifies Archangel Michael as the creator of our local universe, and Lucifer as the leader of one of several rebellions against his rule.

I’ve also read a few chapters about the life of Jesus and I was surprised at how detailed it was. I would think it was even more detailed than the New Testament. It’s either the authors have a very extensive knowledge of the Bible, the geography, and the society where Jesus lived, or the book was really written by celestial beings, as some claim. It even gives an exact date to the birth of Jesus: August 21, 7 BC.

Just like the Bible, many people regard this book as fact, and many also regard it is fiction, not meant to be interpreted literally. Either way, I would easily recommend this book

Just make sure to keep an open mind.


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