From iOS 4 to iOS 7

I’ve just renewed my iPhone developer account (¥8400 per year) and am current updating my old app from when I developed them in 2010 to now. Many things have changed for the better and I was able to migrate my app in just one weekend.

First, the price. I remember it to be much more expensive and pleasantly surprised it’s now only ¥8400 including tax. The price I need to earn to make this endeavor profitable is a little less than the ¥10,000 I remember from 2010.

I’ve also updated my app to make it look more 2014, i.e. flat design, thin fonts, longer screens. It was fairly straightforward and after fixing a couple of crash issues with my old code on the new OS, I was able to fix the GUI in no time.

Now, I’m exploring some of the new features like the share control, the UiActivityViewController, which I wish I had back in 2010. Back then, I had to manually program all these features like sharing by Twitter, etc. Now, I think I just use that Controller and voila! A share-enabled app!

I’ve just submitted an update to my app and hoping this time, I stay with the iOS developer program a little longer.


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