Migrated Blogs to use Google+ Comments

I’ve just migrated my blogs to use Google+ Comments to replace the legacy Blogger comments. Here is a short summary based on my few-days-experience:


  • Looks new and feels new
  • Comments made in Google+, also appear on the blog, and vice versa
  • Comments made before the migration, will still be visible
  • Less spam comments




  • Only Google+ users can make comments

While there are many merits to using this newer commenting system, the one big demerit is that only users with Google+ accounts can make comments. The good thing for me though is that except for some popular blog entries like the Japanese License blog, and the Atheist blog, I do not get that many comments in my blogs anyways, so it’s not a big loss. 🙂

My goal is to turn my Blogger account, and in turn my Google+ account, into venues where I can share my ideas and writings. Tried doing that with Facebook but I think that site is not the right venue for such discourses.

Let’s see where this Blogger/Google+ marriage takes me.


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