Cesame Tennis School Mukoujima

I enrolled at Cesame Tennis School in Mukoujima last January hoping to practice my shots, as I had plans to join a small tennis tournament in March. The tournament was eventually postponed because of rain, but it’s ok. I’m glad I enrolled and I’m glad i can practice my shots every week with professional guidance.

Entrance to the building that houses Cesame Tennis School.
Entrance to the building that houses Cesame Tennis School.

Initially, I was a little surprised as the other regulars of the class I joined were all young, as in teens young, maybe half my age. I believe it’s because I joined a 6:30 PM class, and most other people my age are still at work. The 8:20 PM class had more people my age.

I don’t mind being the oldest in the class though, it’s always good to surround yourself with young people. And these kids are good, so quality wise, I don’t feel shortchanged.

The size of the class is also smaller than from my previous school. Back then, we were fourteen in the class, with two coaches. Now, we are only eight, with one coach. I get more play time now, and that’s always a good thing.

One negative I can think of though is that the ceiling is too low. I normally have a high toss on my serves, but I had to adjust because my toss would always hit the ceiling. In the end, maybe it’s a good thing as many people have told me before my toss is a little too high. Cannot practice your lobs here as well.

For now, I’m glad I get to play regular tennis again.


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