Tribes, Civilizations, and UFOs

This is a video about a tribe, living deep in the Amazon jungle, who allegedly has not yet made contact with what we would refer to as our “modern” civilization. The guys who took this video brought in powerful zoom lenses, to minimize disturbance, by taking the videos from kilometers  above the forest. The tribesmen could probably still see the plane, though they must have been wondering what kind of bird it is. I already saw pictures of this tribe a few years ago, but seeing them again now, gave me new insights I would like to explore in this blog.

I was thinking…

What if we are the “un-contacted tribe”, and there actually is a more advanced civilization observing us, taking videos of us, while trying to minimize disturbance?

Let’s look at it from their perspective.

  • We would never have known what the plane was, and what it was doing. We would try to associate it with things we know, like birds.
  • We would try to use our weapons against the plane because to us, it is a threat, or maybe just because it looks like a big bird that would feed the whole village.
  • Even if we want to make contact and learn from them, they might decide not to because they know contact will be harmful to us. We don’t have the immune system that can handle their diseases. We would forever be left wondering why they are not making contact.
  • There are others like them, who are not as benevolent.

These are exactly the same things our “modern” civilization might feel if we do see a civilization, that is more advanced than us. We would not know what technology they are using because we have nothing to associate it with. We would try to fight them using our current weapons not knowing if it would actually work against them. We would try to contact them, but they would try to avoid contact.

UFO, anybody?


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