Minami-Senju Cherry Blossoms

On the way home from tennis, I walked through Shiori Park (汐入公園) in Minami-Senju (南千住) and was pleasantly surprised with the cherry blossom trees that dot the park. Even on a Tuesday morning, there were many locals setting up tables and blankets under the pretty cherry blossom trees.

Locals enjoying the cherry blossoms on a Tuesday morning
Streets lined with cherry blossom trees

There were also streets surrounded by cherry blossoms. There were white cherry blossoms (foreground) and pink cherry blossoms (background) visible from this street.

And of course, a blog about the cherry blossom trees of Minami-Senju would not be complete without a shot with the Tokyo Sky Tree. Being the tallest tower in Japan, this massive structure is visible wherever you go, which luckily gives a lot of opportunities to have pictures with it in the background.

Sakura trees with the Tokyo Sky Tree in the background

The cherry blossom season will end soon, and these trees would go back to their usual green color in a couple of weeks, if not earlier. I am lucky I was able to appreciate them this one beautiful Tuesday morning.


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