Minami-Senju Primer

This is how the area near Minami-Senju station would look like from Apple Maps.

Minami-Senju on Apple Maps

 The area to the right of the station is what many people would call the new Minami-Senju. This area was redeveloped about a decade ago, so you can see many new buildings, big parks, big condominium buildings, and shopping centers. This area is popular with young families, and it’s evident at Lala Terrace Minami-Senju that many shops do cater to young families and kids. The area by the river is pleasant and a perfect place for joggers.

West of the station

The area to the left is the older district where you can see small lots with old houses, with a few exceptions here and there. There has been some redevelopment near the west gate of the station, but nowhere near the scale of what was done on the east side. If you walk further west not covered in this map, you will see the government offices and sports facilities.

South of the station

The area to the south of the station is also an old district with many small lots with small houses. The area is not so popular among the Japanese because this area is often associated with the Sanya district, historically the ghetto district of Tokyo. You won’t see references to Sanya anymore in recent maps though, and the area is nowhere as scary as the ghettos of other big cities. In recent times, this area has become popular among backpackers as this is probably the area where you can find the cheapest hotels in Tokyo.


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