Our Creators And Our Creations

What if… we were created by our creators in their own image and likeness, just as we create characters in our computer games, in our own image and likeness? The phrase “as above, so below” makes a lot more sense if we think in this way.

Our creators and our creations (individual images from the internet)

 This kind of thinking made me rethink how I approach Science, Technology, Religion, and Spirituality.

Science and Technology

  1. Just as the smallest unit that can be measured in our creations is equal to one pixel, the smallest unit that can be measured in our own reality is one planck.
  2. The “resolution” in which our creator lives is much higher than our own resolution. Ours is limited by the planck length. Our creation’s resolution is limited by the technology used to create the screen.
  3. The speed of light is determined by the refresh rate, i.e. how fast a pixel can appear to move to another pixel, or how fast a planck can appear to move to another planck. This determines the speed limit of a particular reality.
  4. Just like in our games, the observer is key. Our creation’s reality is not rendered, if there are no observers, because it is just a waste of processing power. In SIM City, trees are rendered only if needed, i.e. when they are on the screen of a user.
  5. Creatures from our games, could not possibly fathom the clarity of our reality because they are limited by the resolution of the machine they are running on.

Religion and Spirituality

  1. Soul in our reality, is like us in our games, i.e. we take on different roles and personalities in our games. We learn from those experiences, and when we reach “game over”, we just play again. In our games, we call it a “new game”. In our reality, we call it reincarnation.
  2. Just as we have many creations (SIM City, Second Life, etc), our creators could also have many creations aside from us.
  3. Just as we have log files or historical data to check what happened in our creations, our creators also have log files and historical data to review us. Some people refer to this as the Akashic records.
  4. The Gods or “aliens” could either refer to beings from Level +1, or a yet undiscovered part of our own reality in Level 0.

The Matrix movie becomes very real. The Architect created the Matrix. We are in the Matrix, and in our Matrix, we created a whole bunch of other Matrixes… mostly in our own image and likeness.

As above, so below.



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