Blue Flowers of Ibaraki

While having lunch with friends from the office, one mentioned Hitachi Seaside Park (ひたち海浜公園) and how popular it is during spring time when the flowers are all blue. My wife and I have seen this place before during autumn, but considering how much she loves flowers, I figured it would also be good to take her there during spring.

Luckily one weekend, the weather was good, so my wife and I took Joban line north to Ibaraki Prefecture. It was a long train ride across several prefectures. The train even had to stop for about an hour in Kita-Senju, because of a “human accident”, as how the train officials would describe it. We were not in a hurry, so we just waited inside until the service was resumed.

When we did arrive at the park, we were tired and hungry. We lined up for lunch but there was so many people, we had to wait another thirty minutes just to get our spam burger and coke. It wasn’t looking good for this trip, until we walked towards the hill and saw this.

Blue skies. Blue hills. Blue flowers.
Blue skies. Blue hills. Blue flowers.

Blue skies. Blue hills. Blue flowers.

This is when we realized the trip was worth it. The hills were covered with this blue flower they call “nemophila“, not to be confused with similar sounding not so pleasant “-philias”. This place is definitely a treat for both flower lovers and photographers.

Worm eye view of the blue flower (nemophila)
Worm eye view of the blue flower (nemophila)

There were many visitors that day and you’ll have to share the pathways with all of them but it was fine. The people were polite and were generally flowing in the same direction, stopping intermittently to take pictures, as you can see from the video below.

While it’s true the blue flowers were pretty and photographers would definitely have their feast day, I think Hitachi Seaside Park is better during autumn. Since the autumn flowers and plants are red and pink, photographers get a better contrast with the blue skies. Then again, maybe it’s also because I’ve been losing photography skills these last four years. Need to practice again.

Here’s a comparison between a picture I took earlier this month, and a picture I took during autumn. First the one from Spring 2014.

Hitachi Kaihin Park during Spring 2014

Then the one from Autumn 2010.

Hitachi Kaihin Park during Autumn 2010
Hitachi Kaihin Park during Autumn 2010

For those who love flowers and photography, it’s a no brainer. Check out their website and visit during spring, and autumn. Bring your best camera with you, and my recommendation is to come in early. During peak season, they open at 7:30 AM.



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  1. Fidencio Bisnar says:

    Thanks for sharing with us a sight so wonderful to behold: the hills are so calm, cool and beautiful. Yes, I agree with you, the autumn picture is more beautiful than the spring, probably because the former with its varied colors, aside from providing a better contrast, is alive, whereas the latter is gloomy. Ironically, in reality spring hints of life and autumn of gloom. Well, that’s life, full of beautiful ironies.


    1. Thanks Tito Fiden. That’s true! My friend recommended visiting during summer as well. The kokias are not yet red, they are still green. Still surreal because of the shape of the plant.


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