Sumida Fireworks from Minami-Senju

Not known to many people but Minami-Senju also has great views of the Sumida Fireworks. People flock to the riverside to reserve spots from early in the morning. There are also several high-rise residential buildings that offer a clear view of the fireworks, with the Tokyo Sky Tree by its side.

For this year, we decided to watch the fireworks from the upper floors of one of the high-rise buildings in Minami-Senju. While I think it’s a little far to really appreciate the sound and excitement of the fireworks, it wasn’t bad, and using the camera’s zoom feature can offer great opportunities for taking great pictures.

The show started early at 7:05, so it’s still not really dark. Unfortunately for us, the wind was going towards our direction so the smoke from the fireworks was hiding the view for the most part of the show.

Our view is blocked by the smoke.
Magical things happen when you forget to use your tripod.

Not that I was not able to take good pictures. The one below is my favorite as the red fireworks contrast very well with the Sky Tree.

Red fireworks contrasting the colors of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

While Tokyo was a little hazy and the wind was going into our direction blocking our view for the early part, we still feel  fortunate it didn’t rain, unlike last year when they had to stop the show after the first half.

Happy summer, Minami-Senju!

I also forgot to bring my tripod but was pleasantly surprised with this picture below. Happens when you don’t have a tripod, extended your camera’s exposure settings, and moved a lot.


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