Tokyo’s Most Famous Sisig

Over the weekend, the Filipino community of Tokyo converged at Yoyogi Park to celebrate the yearly Philippine Festival in Tokyo. Advertised highlights of the festival were Manny Pacquiao, Jolina Magdangal, Marvin Agustin, among others. We didn’t see any of them so we just settled for the food and the refreshing Filipino fiesta atmosphere.

One hour waiting for sisig at the Philippine Festival in Tokyo 2015.

We arrived around noontime just in time for lunch. One of the bigger food shops near the entrance was Pangaea, which we remember as a restaurant featured in a popular Japanese show Sekai Banzuke (世界番付) a few years back. The sisig from this restaurant won first place in one segment of the show listing the top B-class dishes (B級グルメ) besting dishes from other countries.

After seeing the show, my wife and I even went to their Ueno restaurant to have a taste of this sisig. The restaurant doesn’t get plus points for location as it is located smack in the middle of Ueno’s red light district, but good thing the sisig was good. The egg topping was a pleasant addition and it really bring back good old memories of feasting on sisig while drinking San Miguel beer with your friends.

Unfortunately for us during the Philippine Festival, the sisig was a little too popular, and it looks like they don’t have it ready at the time we wanted to have lunch.

We eventually settled for their other offerings. I had pork BBQ, while my wife had Chicken Adobo. We didn’t feel as bad as we know we can easily go to their Ueno restaurant whenever we do get the urge to have good old sisig.



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