Moneytree Review

I have been using Moneytree for a couple of weeks now since I posted my first blog about it, and I believe I am ready to give my short review.

Who Moneytree is for?

This is for both Japanese and foreigners living in Japan, who want to manage their personal finances including expenses, on their Apple gadget. This is for those who want to keep it simple but still keep in track of their personal finances.

Who Moneytree isn’t for?

This is not for people who are not living in Japan or who do not have Japanese bank or credit card accounts. This is also not for people who are not comfortable entering their bank or credit card details in the Moneytree app.

This is not for Android users as it looks like its iOS only, as of this writing.

What are the good points about Moneytree?

Once you enter your bank and credit card details, it would automatically synchronize the data on Moneytree with the data from those institutions. This means you will always see an accurate picture of your accounts, and no more need to manually enter every transaction from your bank or credit card accounts.

It is also good to know that Moneytree has the backing of Japan’s biggest banks, namely, Mizuho, Mitsubishi-UFJ, and SMBC. Of course, it supports other banks and credit card companies as well.

Entering manual expenses is possible and simple.

What are the bad points about Moneytree?

If you have banks not in Japan or if you also want to monitor expenses not in Japanese yen. I tried creating a manually maintained cash account in US dollars but looks like it is not possible.

Will you be using it from now on?

Yes. Love the simplicity and the automated synchronization with the banks. Coming from MoneyWiz, I needed some getting used to not having to enter every expense I made, but I quickly got used to it as it’s definitely simpler.

I do miss the ability to keep track of my non-Japanese yen cash but that is one sacrifice I am willing to take in exchange for the simplicity and ease of use.


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