Yiruma – River Flows In You

Yiruma is a recent discovery while I was searching the internet for pianists who play relaxing music. Yiruma’s style reminds me of another famous pianist, David Lanz, in that their music are both relaxing and beautiful even without the overly complex piano routines. When I ran into Yiruma’s “River Flows in You”, I loved it immediately.

Luckily, a quick Google search gave me a PDF file containing the piano sheets, which looks consistent with how Yurima played the piece as released in his First Love album. Searching YouTube for his live performances would show that in later performances, he has made several changes to the original piece. There is even a video I saw where he was also singing to the piece.

My favorite is still the original and that’s why I sticked with the piece that matches the original recording, when I took it upon myself to learn the piece.

I recorded this cover using the ballad grand piano setting of the Yamaha P-255. I read from the manual that the ballad grand piano, more than the default grand piano, is better suited for relaxing piano music such as this one. I have to agree as the trebles are more muted.

Hope you like it.


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