Watching Pacquiao vs Bradley Match In Japan

On April 10th 11 AM Japan time (10 AM Philippine time). Pacquiao will fight his final match as a professional boxer. His opponent would be a familiar face, Timothy Bradley, with whom he has a 1 win 1 loss record.

The question in the mind of most Filipinos in Tokyo would be where to watch the match. The quick answer is WOWOW. They even featured him in the cover of their monthly magazine for April 2016.

Pacquiao on the cover of the WOWOW monthly magazine for April 2016

If you have WOWOW subscription or if you have a friend who has one, you’re in luck as you can watch the match at the comfort of your own home, or your friend’s home. Otherwise, you might want to consider signing up. I do know of people who signed up to avail of the free trial, only to cancel their subscription before the free trial expires, but just enough to watch the Pacquiao match.

If you prefer the atmosphere of watching it in a sports bar, there are several options in Tokyo including several sports bar in Roppongi. In previous matches, I know at least one (Legends Sports Bar) that featured the Pacquiao match. Not sure if they will show it on April 10th but check their website as they publish the shows they would feature. I checked it just now but looks like they only have the schedule until April 4th.

Still others have the option to watch it through streaming video though might not be a very reliable option as these streaming live coverages tend to be patchy especially for matches that many people are watching.

A few years ago I have also tried watching it via skype with my family from back home in the Philippines. This can be a good option as you can share the experience with your family, but as with the streaming video option, quality can be patchy, but sometimes, it’s more the family bonding that matters.

Do let me know if you know of other options to watch the match. Enjoy!


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