Moriyama Naotaro’s "Sakura"

Moriyama Naotaro’s Sakura is a classic Japanese song that I associate heavily with the cherry blossoms season (“sakura” is Japanese for cherry blossoms) and with graduation ceremonies. It is definitely one of my favorite Japanese songs and when I see cherry blossoms, this is always the first song that comes to mind.

Original Singer: Moriyama Naotaro(森山直太朗)
Title: Sakura(さくら)

I’m not really a singer but I definitely love to sing. I started recording songs about a decade ago not really to start a singing career, but more to get a time capsule of myself and my hobby. Watching videos I made a decade ago can make me feel nostalgic, and seeing a younger version of myself in a home made music video is the ultimate throwback.

Having access to amazing tools like GarageBand, and iMovie, also gave me the ability to improve the way I record the songs and the video. In this latest video, I recorded the piano piece using my Yamaha’s record feature, recorded the voice using GarageBand, and created the video using iMovie.

This is also the first time I added percussions using GarageBand’s drummer feature — you can just select a drummer, and customize the loudness or complexity of the percussions depending on your needs. For “Sakura”, I selected Mason, a “songwriter” drummer and added it to my piano and voice recordings.

For the video, I just peppered it with sakura pictures taken by my wife and myself through the years. What better way to listen to a song about cherry blossoms than by listening to it while watching pictures of cherry blossoms.


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