Breath of Fresh Air

The other day, I spent a good couple of hours removing our old living room ceiling fan, and replacing it with this new one.

Odelic WF060
Odelic WF060

This is the WF060 ceiling fan from a Japanese company called Odelic. After installing it and turning it on for the first time, we realized immediately it is a million times better than the old one we had since early 2014, the AS-564 ceiling fan from another Japanese company called Daiko.

We could actually feel the wind coming out of this new one. The old one was very weak, and ended up being just a visual reminder of a bad shopping choice we made a long time ago. It’s surprising we survived more than two years trying to convince ourselves it’s fine, even if we always ended up just using the air conditioner.

To be fair, this new one is more the twice the price of the old one, but I would have expected more from a Japanese manufacturer, even if I got the old fan for only ~8,000 yen.

Anyways, we like this new fan so much we bought another one, this time for the bedroom.

Highly recommended.


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